To tell or not to tell

It is hard enough to weigh ht up consequences when it comes to family pressures, but if your career and living arrangements are at risk, it would make sense to hold off destroying what you are working hard towards.

The situation currently in play is someone in their early twenties completely dependant on family. This person has to lie to their parents because the consequences of the truth could be loss of funding for accommodation and university.

There is however the obvious  dilemma of destroying that relationship as the time lying extends.

Do you take the risk of not getting caught out or do you take a road that could be detrimental towards your future?

Does anyone have any previous experience from both angles?



Trying to accept you won’t be accepted.

Being a young Caucasian religion-less woman, it had never occurred to me that there are whole communities out there completely disapproving of the lifestyle I lead.

If it were not for my current relationship to my partner who no longer practises or believes in Islam but has to lie each day to his family,  I would not have discovered, in such depth, how deep that hatred runs.

This blog is intending to discover stories from both sides, to give people without the ability to speak up about forbidden relationships, whether it be with same gender or different religion, to shine light on the subject on such inequalities of choice.